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Company Registration In Kerala

Company registration in Kerala is simple and easy process. Company incorporation in Kerala is an investor free option in many ways. Company registration is primary option for the business initiation in this digital state. For the new business registration or start-up companies are collecting very few cost comparing to the other location is the plus of the company formation process. Legitimate investment with foreign investment is the wonderful option comes with this company incorporation process. Water resources are very helpful one for the business registration in Kerala. Setting a small business or huge business suitable to the area is very essential one. Kerala is the most suitable place for the food industry and farming and other relating business. For the process of business registered company incorporation procedures need to complete. Step by step registration without missing the proper document is essential one. Registered company is primarily getting its advantage to run the business with the support of the Indian government. To avoid the complications registration is the securing one. Once the company initiated for the business purpose, annual compliance, sub-ordinate registrations all are continue and renewable until the windup of the business. To get the identity of the corporate or the separate entity registration is very essential one. Incorporation process or registration of a company varies from company to company. Registrar of companies is offering power to commence the business in legal way. So submission of documents is very essential one for the approval. Once the name registered in the proper way, the enlargement of the business can easily use the same name with proper trademark registration.

Company registration in Kerala

Check the name reservation directly with MCA portal.

Company registration in Kerala

Preparation of MOA and AOA in keen and lucid way

Company registration in Kerala

Stamping duty, Power of Attorney processing with ROC.

Company registration in Kerala

Following of the annual compliance statutory filings at on time.

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Company registration steps:

Preparations of the main objective in the company relating duties are need to be submitting before the ROC.

Registration of a new company need to follow the forms INC 1, 18, 32 for the incorporation process.

Memorandum of Articles need to sign by the two designated partners along with the witness person.

Declaration of the compliance needs to assure by the company with its peculiar form submission without fail.

Exact location and situation for the company under the correct jurisdiction need to intimate to the government.

Electronic portal eases the procedure with the appropriate form filling on the online portal with less work.

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Solubilis will undertake all the complexities for the Company registration in Kerala. Multiple forms and the allotment of DIN DSC and other noticing forms are needs to be file on the behalf of the clients. Company registration, incorporation procedures, Intellectual property registration, GST registration, Submission of annual compliance, Secondary registrations like FSSAI registration, barcode registration, Legal metrology certification all are offering in a single hub of Solubilis. Company registration processes are completing within the ten days of business diurnal. Company registration is certainly not a complex until you approach perfect business consultant in Kerala. Solubilis will guide you until the perfect completion of legal documentation and essential approvals from the government and its related bodies.


Company incorporation is a legal process announcing that the company is submit all the required forms and certification and proves their genuiness to undertake the business.

As per the business requirement the company can start its functionality with the help of the partnership. Otherwise, single owner enterprise also available one.

Balance sheet submission, annual return, returns of allotment, Change of registered office, director, all are need to follow according to the Companies Act, 2013.

No, once the form is submitted in the MCA portal it cannot further proceed for the rectification process. Status notification of resubmission allow for further process.