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Types of Company

Company registration in Kerala comes with multiple options. Need of the Individual of the turn over limitations are the primary condition for the choosing of the suitable company and its incorporation in Kerala. Limited companies, Sole proprietorship, Partnership firm registration, Society registration, Trust registration, Section 8 companies all are the different types follow with the unique notion. Companies act is the central formulation very helpful one for the initiation of company in Kerala. Some important and frequent type of company registration type follows as:

  • OPC registration (One Person Company)
  • Private Limited Company
  • Public limited Company
  • Limited liability Partnership

OPC(One Person Company)

It is one of the latest types of company registration process following in all over India. Single owner can easily undertake the business without the help of the partners with the minimum capital requirement is the plus of this OPC registration. OPC follows the principles and structures as similar as the limited company. A single person can rule and undertake the business with his own self. He can appoint the business subordinates for the business proceedings. But the single owner is the authoritative person in the one person company. He can appoint the nominee. Fifty lakhs rupees is the fixed limitation for the running of one Person company, otherwise it will be modifying to other options.

Private limited Company Registration

Private limited Company Registration is a pure form of partnership firm comes with the additional option of the limited liability. Partnership deed is the mutual agreement decides the power and roles of the members in the private limited company. Minimum two members to maximum 200 members is the membership allotment of the PVT LTD company. When annual turnover cross the limit of two crores rupees with past three years financial statement then it can be modify as the public limited company. According to the norms of the Companies Act 2013, private limited company registration is not allowing for the process of share issue to the general public. Minimum two members need to stand for the PVT LTD company.

Public limited Companies

Public limited Company registration denotes it as the investment-free option for the process of company registration in India. Public limited company registration requires the minimum level of three shareholders and seven members of directors. Among the directors a female director need to appoint. Simply it is the higher level registration from the private limited company with the addition of the public share issue. SEBI rules and it permission only allow to initiate the public limited company registration in Kerala. Conduction of board meeting within the time period of 120 days is very crucial one. Limited liability option is the overwhelming option in the public limited company. Personal liabilities and assets are more secure one under this limited liability.

Limited liability Partnership

Limited liability Partnership registration is the latest company registration process following with the specific registration under the Limited liability Partnership act, 2008. It is the clubbing of sole proprietorship and partnership feature. Minimum requirement of two members need to be fulfilled under the partnership registration. As per the limited liability partnership act, there is no company will not allowed to undertake the business with lack of at least two members not more than six months period. Violation of the rule may leads to break the norm of limited liability.

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